Faith Starr is the founder of Green With Faith, a health and wellness practice in Pittsburgh dedicated to helping people who seek positive change and transformation in their lives. She is well known as a  researcher, educator and practitioner of Energy Medicine and also one of the creators of H.E.A.T. Wave Frequency Enhanced Gems. Her seminars and workshops draw participants from all over the map. Together with her partner she created and produced of the Mind Your Body and Spirit Expo held in Pittsburgh. David and Faith are also regular speakers for the Health Freedom Expos and a number of other conferences and expos held throughout the country.

Faith Star, CNHP, is a Health and Wellness intuitive coach and Certified Natural Health Professional. She studied with one of the pioneers of Natural Healing, Dr. John Christopher in the 1970’s and has continued to study with many powerful healers and spiritual teachers. Faith has taken numerous classes in herbology, horticulture, a variety of healing techniques, subtle energies and energy medicine, including Human Energy Attunement and Allergy Harmonization.

For 30 years she has been a student of natural energies, an ecoist, environmental advocate, naturalist and herbalist, raising her own organic food and herbs for her tinctures, remedies and flower essences. (She creates distinct local flower essences that can’t be bought anywhere in the world.) In 1990, she started teaching and coaching and served on the board of directors for the School for Pain Management. She continues to educate others on energy medicine, sustainable living issues, native plants and herbs and is known for her Wild Edible Weed Walks.